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Face difficulties with reshaping your model’s body, slimming face, enlarging breasts or removing cellulite in Photoshop, trust your photos – the best body retouching service online. Natural-looking and amazing results are guaranteed.

Why Do You Need Body Retouch Photoshop Service?

Photographers face many problems with body retouching. We receive two types of orders – 75% ask to enhance to body’s curves, 25% ask to enlarge breasts Photoshop or add muscles. Our retouchers provide natural and high quality photo retouching of all problematic zones of your model’s body. If you need to make body slimmer, We will reshape the body curves, apply body countering techniques, apply plastic surgery effect, make thin waist, skinny face, remove cellulite and double chin, elongate the legs, reducing blemishes and shadows, and use Dodge and Burn effect.


Pro Level

$5.00 per photo
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Services applied:

  • Get Rid of the Red Eyes
  • Pimples, Scars, Face Blemishes Removal
  • Airbrush Face Skin
  • Color Correction
  • Crop/Resize Photos
  • Basic Backdrop Enhancement
  • Stray Hair Fixing
  • Widen One Color Background
  • Small Items Removal
  • Remove Face Wrinkles
  • Light Body Liquifing
  • Clipping Path for Simple Objects (White/Black/Transparent Backdrop)
  • Background Bluring
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High End Level

$10.00 per photo
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Services applied:

  • Pro Beauty Correction
  • Teeth Braces Editing Out
  • Remove Items
  • Image Masking
  • Chromatic Aberration/Fix Color Fringing
  • Eye-glasses Glare Fixing
  • Colors Changing for Images Items/Clothes
  • Slight Body/Face Imperfections Removal
  • High End Skin Retouching
  • High End Portrain Retouching
  • High End Body Reshaping
  • Make-Up Retouching
  • Boudoir Photos Retouch
  • Following the Client's Style
  • Dodge and Burn Effect
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Extra Level

$10.00 per photo
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Services applied:

  • Pro Beauty Correction
  • Two Photos Merging
  • Eyes/Heads Swapping
  • Remove Items
  • Image Masking
  • Replace the Background
  • Textured Background Extending
  • Make Clothes/Background Smooth
  • Clipping Path for Complex Objects (White/Black/Transparent Backdrop)
  • HDR Effect
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